About us

Sayso is an online platform for users looking for a simple tool to easily produce & film professional testimonials that support their business growth.

Sayso provides a remote testimonial video production service that allows businesses to shoot and create stunning testimonial videos easily & quickly from any location around the world.

SaySo is established by award-winning producers from the international video production & film industry, Roni Abramowsky, Nir Bakai and Adar Shafran, and in collaboration with Firma Creative Productions and Bakai Nir Productions.
The company is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and manages a large group of dedicated, highly skilled cinematic professionals located worldwide.

  • Nir Bakai
  • Roni Abramowsky

We develop high-end testimonial videos combining technology with traditional cinematic practices. Companies with global partners and clients that want to shoot testimonial videos easily can get it done quickly with the help of SaySo's platform and a worldwide network of trained cinematographers on call.