1. What does Sayso do?

Sayso provides a remote end-to-end testimonial video production platform that allows businesses to shoot & create beautiful professional testimonial videos easily and quickly from any location worldwide.
Projects with Sayso are budget-friendly, and packages start at $2500 per video.

Take a look at some of our previous client testimonial videos filmed with Sayso in our Work Portfolio.

To get started with Sayso testimonials, all you need to do is create your profile on the Sayso website, select your filming location, and add your details, creative notes, questions, and messaging  preferences.  
Once you are finished defining your project, you can choose from one of our plans or customize your own.
Project packages can vary according to the number of interviewees, locations, required shooting time, the maximum number of revisions needed, and more. 

Sayso testimonial videos start at $2500 per video. You can choose from one of our plans or customize your own.
Project packages can vary according to scale, number of locations and more, and are simple, fixed, and set in advance.
Please visit our Pricing Page for more details on the package that best fits your needs.

We would be delighted to set up a quick chat to review your project together and learn how Sayso can support your business. 
Please fill out the form on our Contact page or email us at info@sayso.com. Our team will get back to you shortly to answer your questions and schedule a call.

Once you’ve selected your plan and finished filling in your project specifications, you will be required to deposit 30% of the total cost to get your project rolling.
When your final video is ready to download, you will be requested to pay the remaining 70% of the project fee to receive the final cut.

With Sayso, you can book your testimonial shooting location anywhere in the world!

Once you set the location, you can choose an available date and time for your shoot from the Sayso production calendar according to your nearest convenience and at least seven working days ahead of the day you placed your order.

Once placing an order, you can fill in your brief, creative guidelines and branding specifications directly to your account on the Sayso platform in the "Creative" section. 
After selecting questions for your video from our question bank or writing your own, scroll down to the "Creative" section in your account to the detailed form and write down your guidelines.  
You can give your project a name, freely describe the goals of your testimonial video and what you would like to emphasize, and more.
You can also add branding elements such as your company logo and original company videos or footage to integrate into your final testimonial video, all in the same form.

The most professional testimonials are when customers personally explain their experience and satisfaction and share it in their own words. 
A great testimonial video production is often filmed in a pleasing and comfortable environment and features accurate leading questions that help your speaker advocate about their positive experiences with your brand, product, or service.

Sayso recommends choosing or writing at least 8  leading questions that help spotlight your key messages. Questions are also a great way to help your speaker feel comfortable while shooting, so the more, the better!

After receiving your request, we will carefully follow your written brief and specifications and allocate a professional creative director to ensure everything is going just as you requested.
Additionally, your company’s primary contact will be able to supervise the shooting remotely and ensure that all of your company’s creative directions have been followed to a T. 

With Sayso, you can choose from a wide variety of professionally narrated questions, and you can add your custom questions as well.
Sayso recommends asking the interviewee guiding questions and selecting or writing at least 8 questions.

The company’s primary contact will receive messages, ongoing notifications, and updates via your account on the Sayso website, along with a Zoom link to supervise the shooting day in real-time remotely and share thoughts, ideas & wishes on the fly -  so the shooting day goes perfectly.

B-rolls are pieces of extra footage captured to enrich the story you’re telling and allow greater visual flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring just talking heads on your testimonial video, you want to have additional shots related to the service or product discussed in the video -  that will add dimension to your story. B-rolls can include additional video footage, still photographs, animation and more.


 Yes! Sayso provides royalty-free B-roll stock footage.
The number of videos available for usage will vary according to the selected package.
Your Sayso production team can easily integrate either existing company videos into your testimonial or stock footage, or both!

All you need to do is explain it in your brief and add your video files to the video section in your account on the "Creative" section of your project. We’ll do the rest :)

Yes, we consider those to be valuable B-rolls. Simply add the images, original company videos, or footage that you want to incorporate into your final testimonial video in the Creative section of the Sayso project onboarding page.
You can easily add your comments to each file and share your vision and specifications with your Sayso production team.

It takes us one hour to set up, and one hour to film. That’s it.

A cameraperson & crew (up to two people at most) will arrive at the scheduled location on the date specified in your order.
Once they are at the site, they will set up their equipment and interview one or more people, according to your brief. 

The film crew will be using high-end video, audio, lighting, and other equipment. Once the shooting is done, the film crew will pack up their gear and leave the location.

There will be two crew members at most.
However, in most cases, there will always be a single videographer onset, while the rest of the production staff will be managing remotely via Zoom.

 Sayso is devoted to the highest quality testimonial videos and leveraging high-end cameras, lighting equipment, and recording devices.
Our team shoots with cameras capable of UHD recording, prime lenses with high speed (iris), and 3-led panel lighting as a standard across Sayso’s projects.

On-set shooting will take an average of 2 hours from start to finish.
It will typically take an hour to set up and another hour to shoot.

On the day of your scheduled testimonial shoot, you will receive a Zoom link to join remotely from the comfort of your office.
While shooting, you can supervise your operation and add your input on the fly to ensure your testimonial video is just how you envisioned it.

 Your first draft will be ready and sent to you for feedback no longer than up to 5 working days after filming.

Upon receiving the first draft, you can add your comments and desired changes to the platform itself, and our team will make the corrections accordingly.
Depending on your selected package, feedback is limited to up to 3 rounds.
Additional rounds of feedback and revision can be invoiced separately.

Sayso is devoted to handing in high-quality testimonial videos accurate to our customer’s needs and specifications.
On the rare occasion where you are not happy with the final video, you will only be charged the initial sum of 30% of the payment according to the package selected.
You will not be obligated to download the final cut and will not have to deposit the remaining fee of 70%.

After shooting your testimonial, we’ll send your materials to Sayso’s professional video editors, who take care of everything, including: 

  • Video Editing (Including royalty-free music from the Sayso library, additional media closing frame and more)
  • Adding Titles
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Mix

Once the initial rough-cut is ready, according to your notes, you will receive a notification email with a link to watch it and let us know what you think.

Yes, you can embed subtitles in any language you may need. Embedded subtitles come as an addition to our set Plans and are charged separately. 

Yes, but only once you finalize your project and deposit the remaining 70% to download the final revision of your video.
Suppose you order the raw materials at the end of a successful project. In that case, Sayso will send over a temporary link for two weeks with the videos of your raw materials organized and ready to download.
Please keep in mind that raw materials come as an addition to our set plans and are charged separately.

Upon booking a project with Sayso testimonials, the primary contact and account manager stated in the user’s account is responsible for contacting the interviewees and securing the location for the shooting.

No, but it is possible to add a separate request, and your Sayso account manager can help book your hair & makeup specialists.
Please note that hair & makeup come as an additional cost to our set plans and will be charged separately.  

Sayso allows for free cancelations up to 72 hours before the shooting date.

Founded by award-winning producers from the international video production & film industry and in collaboration with Firma Creative Productions and WhiteRabbit, Sayso is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and manages a large group of highly skilled cinematic professionals located around the world.